EX3 East


Light filters in from the clouds above you. You are standing out in the middle of the sea. You look down at the fish swimming underneath your feet. A soothing voice circles your head. “Don’t worry. I’m a friend and yes you are dreaming.” The voice sounds soothing. “Even when you wake you are still in a dream. All of creation is a dream. I’m going to show you how to bend it to your will……”

When you wake you can’t remember exactly what you talked about or learned. You remember building great shapes out of the water, sky, clouds. You feel a newfound arcane power flowing through you. Which is perfect since you now have the location of the jeweler’s house. Now is time to go on the hunt.

The Hunt

You can feel it in your very soul. You are closer to having proof that the guild had your wife soul eaten than ever before. You’ve tracked the Jeweler to his estate and now watch from the roof of a nearby building from the shadows. The building itself isn’t incredibly large but you do notice the guards he has keeping an eye out……. (roll aware and perception for more details if you want)

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